Welcome to The Mini Manufactory, the home of craft laser cutting and engraving in the hills of North Tipperary.  For me, the laser machine is the point where woodwork, technical drawing and graphic design meet and then diverge into endless creative possibilities.
Even though laser cutting and engraving is ideally suited to complex work, I strive for a pleasing simplicity and, in most cases, a practical use in my designs.  Have a browse in my online shop to see the ever-evolving range.

 I use a Lotus Blu100 Laser Cutting and Engraving machine with a bed size of 1000 x 600mm.  It cuts plywood, acrylic, MDF, cork, paper, cardboard, cloth, Petg plastic and a lot of other materials, but not stone, glass or metal.  Engraving can be carried out on all of the above, including marble, slate, and certain metals.

Please contact me for all your cutting, engraving and design projects.  I can work with everything from sketches, CAD drawings, DXF, Illustrator and Corel files, to just an idea in your head! 

Graphic design and working-file generation are priced at €21.00 per hour.